Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sultan will have to wait

My first race on a 29er will have to wait a while longer. A delay in getting the last few parts and my busy schedule means the Sultan is still in pieces and I have decided not take an untested bike to the Cream Puff. I am dying to get on this bike but there is lots to do before leaving on Friday for Oregon.

Instead, I spent a little time over the weekend making sure the Flux was race ready by bleeding the brakes, installing new brake pads, installing new cables & housing, and swapping out my small & middle chainrings.

Random Tech Note: Race Face Team chainrings have teeth that are a little taller than Shimano rings and this can make it tough to use the 34R/32F combo if your chainline is a little off. When in the 34R/32F combo I was getting a "click"; like the chain wanted to drop into the small ring even though FD tension was perfect. I had to switch back to Shimano rings and this solved the issue with no other adjustments.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the Sultan is on hold. There's not much time between now and the Enduro. Best get that thing built up quick for the sack of having a new bike sit in the stand looking too clean.