Monday, June 16, 2008

Gorgeous weekend

Nothing too epic to report this weekend but I did ride Fri, Sat and Sun in great weather...finally! I think Mother Nature decided that we have had enough crappy weather for a while so she made up for it with 74 & sunny.

Saturday's ride was an exploratory mission from the new house. Even if the trails are perfect, there is something very cool about riding dirt from the house and connecting several trails so Saturday's ride was all about discovery. I loaded up the Camelbak, grabbed a map, and headed out to the Powerline Trail.

Dead End. I needed to get down to the road below to continue.

After one very rude hike-a-bike (think Kokopelli - Rose Garden Hill, up & down), my new-to-me trail was a blast and I was sure it was going to turn into a "go to ride" for me. But then it simply ended on the side of a canyon. Doh! I could see the road below me that I needed to get to in order to continue linking the Powerline Trail but it was about 1000' down, very steep, and thick. Oh well, back the way I came. Part of learning a new area is learning where NOT to go right?

Sunday was fun, social ride with Michelle, Tina, and Suz in GTNP from Moose, WY to the top of Signal Mtn and back.

Ruh Roh!

My fancy-schmancy PowerTap rear wheel is down. While descending Teton Pass Fri evening I started to feel a "pulsing" that turned into scary speed wobbles at about 45+ mph so I feathered the front brake and stopped to check it out. My rear wheel was rubbing my brake pads in one spot but I hadn't hit anything to knock it out of true. After pulling the wheel off to true it at home I could see the issue is the carbon braking surface developed a "bubble" or "bump" possbily from the heat of the brake pads. I am using the yellow pads for carbon rims so this should not happen. I REALLY hope Reynolds takes care of this one for me and I suspect that they will.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got some good rides in. We did to.

Bring the wheel into the shop and we'll send it back for you.