Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Ride Friday

Weather: 42F and raining, turning to cloudy & windy later in the ride
Bike: Salsa La Cruz cross bike with full fenders
Distance 65.5 miles
Moving Time: 5:05:00

This ride was a huge mental victory for me. Once I got geared up and out the door, I had a great ride and discovered new backroad areas to explore. I was dressed perfectly and could focus on the ride instead of the wind and the rain.

All is not gloomy in Teton Valley, ID

Friday's ride was a new PR for me...the most clothes worn on a June bike ride:
- Craft baselayer
- Wool Jersey
- GoLight Rain Jacket
- Bibshorts
- Windstopper tights
- Vapor Barrier socks
- Lake Winter Mtn bike shoes
- Wool glove liners
- Windstopper mittens
- Wool beenie under helmet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Big miles and from what I understand a bit wet. Well done. Wish I could get one of these under my belt again. My injury just needs to get out if the way.