Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little Wed trash

I got an email from my stone-cold homie JayP over the weekend asking me what my travel plans are for the Cream Puff which tells me that he has a race-itch that he needs to scratch in a bad way. I let him know that I would drive and that he was more than welcome. But as of today, I haven't received the "I am in" call from JayP.

JayP is formidable foe for sure. But have I scared him off with my meticulous race prep? Did my show of power during the Tues Night Worlds last night create fear, uncertaintly, and doubt in his mind? Did he hear the rumor that I might shave my head before the race in an effort to drop a few ounces?

I think it takes JayP about 2.5 days to warm up and since the Cream Puff is only 100-miles I will attack him early and try to hold him off! Bring on the Puff!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to both of you guys. I'm sure your training will pay off and I feel confident you can better his time.

Ed said...

The CCC is another ride I've always wanted to do. I tried the lottery one year but did not get in.

Have fun!


Ed said...

oh and be nice to JP ;-)


Lynda Wallenfels said...

ahhh - happy smack talk - nice to hear ;-)