Friday, June 6, 2008

Fitzy fit and gearing up

This past Tuesday I had bike fit done at Fitzgerald's Bicycles by the man himself. The two goals for the fit were to dial in my road bike saddle position and then to be able to duplicate that saddle position on my other bikes for maximum efficiency. Fitzgerald's uses the Serrotta Personal Fit system to fit their customers based on natural pedal stroke, fexibility, core strength, and range of motion. It is cool stuff and I could spend a ton of time geeking out on the "fit cycle". My road bike was very close but we moved the saddle up about 5mm. My mtn bike and cross bikes need a little tweaking. I must have long femurs because I need a lot of seatpost setback to get into the correct position and my other two bikes have straight seatposts currently. I will be swapping the straight posts out for ones with 25mm+ of setback shortly.

I have also been mounting some tires up on the new Stans rims and this process is SO much easier thanks to this little guy:

Bontrager Tubeless Ready tires are a tight fit and this lever makes it a relatively painless process. I have had this tool for a while but I will be using it a lot more now as I move to tubeless tires.

The big ride weekend starts today and I have been watching the radar since early this morning and trying to pick a window. Right now it looks like this outside:

Yeah, that is snow. I am not whining though. I could have gone south but I chose to roll the dice and stay home and ride so I will just deal.

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