Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Goodbye old friend

It is time to put the 5 Spot frame up for sale. I still love this bike but after riding Chris E's Turner Sultan last fall I knew I wanted to try a 29er and that meant one bike had to go to make room, in the garage and the wallet, for a new bike. I will use a lot of the parts from the 5 Spot in the next build.

Speaking of the next build, look what showed up from Big Wheels Colorado. Mike C. was runs a tight ship and I was impressed with his responsiveness and turnaround time. Plus, he knows a little bit about endurance racing so I trust his recommendations.

This wheelset is only 150g heavier than my DT Swiss/King/Sapim build on my 26" Flux.

I have also wanted to experiment with tubeless and this wheelset will let me run the "goo" or run tubes. I bought three sets of tires to try out:

2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ralph - 560g
2.1 Schwalbe Little Albert w/SnakeSkin - 600g
2.1 Bontrager DryX - 700g

More on the new build later...


Anonymous said...

How's the build coming?!

Hard to believe those wheels are that light especially when you compare them to the 26er.

I'm hoping to get out on mine tonight after work.

Dave said...

Brandon, still a bare frame & a seatpost. :) I am hoping to work on it a bit this evening though.

How was your first ride?

Anonymous said...

The first ride was good but a muddy one. The sidewalk was fine but the road got so mucky I had to turn back. A fun 7 miles though.

Keep us posted on the build.

PS-Mine weighs 29lbs w/ tubes