Thursday, March 8, 2007

Riding indoors, grinding, and planning

The Fitzy's 07 Indoor Cycling Center season has come to an end. Let's have a moment of silence...ok, that's enough. I enjoy the guaranteed workout plus the social aspect of riding the Computrainers two nights a week and I am sorry it had to end so early this year. The reality is that the shop is getting busier every year and the Computrainer setup takes up valuable floor space. I will fill in the gaps with solo roller sessions or more snow bike rides depending on what the weather does.

We are entering that "in between" season here in Teton Valley where one day you might be able to ride out on the road and the next day you are watching it snow sideways through the front window while riding the rollers. Between now and the end of May it will be hit or miss but I am hoping for a bit more snow and then an abrupt end to winter so I can get out on the road bike.

I can't stop thinking about next year's snow bike races and I will continue to plan throughout the summer even as I am racing on the dirt. I keep thinking about footwear and the guys at 40below have some interesting options that I will be exploring.

This is the new 40below Light Energy Overboot. Being able to layer underneath this lightweight overboot to match the conditions is appealing and they are willing to do some custom work like adding a thicker sole to stand up to platform pedals.

I spent some quality time with a dremel tool and a drill in an effort to make a better mounting bracket for my Old Man Mountain Sherpa front rack. I don't like axle-based mounting system because it complicates transport and changing a tire on the trail. The new bracket keeps the rack as close to the tire as possible and doesn't interfere with removing the tire. Now that i have the basic design figured out I can clean it up a bit.

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