Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dual Road Rides and Irish Stout

This has pretty much been the perfect weekend. Let’s start with the festivities. When your local bike shop is owned by a guy named Fitzgerald, and the cycling team’s biggest sponsor is a brewery, St. Patrick’s Day is going to be a good time. This year the planets aligned and St. Patty’s Day fell on a Saturday AND we had incredible weather to enjoy the party that spilled out onto the deck at Snake River Brewing Company. It gets better. In honor of the holiday, the Brew Pub created a special beer just for the occasion; Fitzgerald’s Irish Stout. Yum! It was very tough to balance the desire to ride both days with the desire to consume a lot of Fitzy’s Irish Stout but I was strong and managed to limit myself to only a few. It was great to see all of the people I lose touch with when its not cycling season.

Saturday was the first ride on pavement of 2007 for me and one of the earliest road rides I have been able to do here. Michelle was fired up to ride too so I threw the semi-slicks on my Flux and tried to keep with Michelle on her road bike for 54 miles. Three hours later I was whooped and ready to relax for a while at the Brew Pub. I hadn’t been on the Flux since last September and it felt great to get some time on it.

Sunday morning I was feeling the affects of Saturday’s ride and a few Irish Stouts but I rallied for a ride on my road bike. You never know how long the “weather window” will stay open so I wanted to get outside while I still can. It was a tights & wind vest day but still very comfortable. My big toes are feeling the effects of the frostbite I got back in January and even cool temps bother them. I didn’t have a lot of snap today on the hills but I logged 60 miles at the high end of my aerobic range and am now officially tired. Perfect.

More snow is in the forecast for mid week but I wouldn't mind another couple of rides on the snow bike so bring it on!

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