Thursday, March 29, 2007

The fat lady is warming up...

...but she is not singing yet. There is still good snow biking to be had if you time it right. At 6:30am this moring the temp at my house was 24F so I knew Teton Canyon was a go.

The xc ski grooming program is done for the season so that meant zero people on the trail and the 2-4" of wet, heavy snow provided plenty of resistance. I regret not getting up earlier to start my ride though because I only had time for one lap before work.

Snow biking is so cool because a seemingly flat trail can provide lots of challenges. Frozen moose tracks are like riding a rocky trail in the summertime, heavy snow is like climbing a long gradual fire road, and slushy snow is kind of like riding in sand.

I may have to get over to the Big Holes early tomorrow morning to check out the trails there.

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