Sunday, March 4, 2007

20 degrees and cloudy

Perfect snow biking weather! Michelle, Kenai, and I headed north to try a new piece of trail beginning at the Warm River Campground and linking up with the Mesa Falls trail. The new trail is great and follows the Warm River for about 3.5 miles as it gradually climbs to Bear Gulch. Even on a Saturday afternoon we had this trail all to ourselves.

The grade was nice and gradual and the temps were perfect. With all the snow we got this past week some spots were soft and slow but everything was rideable. Once we linked up to the Mesa Falls trail there was a bit more snowmobile traffic but it wasn't too bad and the trail gets wider. Several snowmobilers flipped quick u-turns to stop and check out our bikes and commented that snow biking looked cool. We even had one guy break out his video camera so he could show his buddies back in Salt Lake City what snow biking was all about. It was nice to have the positive interaction since snowmobiling is so big in this area.

We ended up doing a pretty big ride and were out for 3:40:00. The soft conditions made us earn every mile and my legs are feeling it today. The new trail along the Warm River was definitely the highlight and I had to snap a pic of this crazy sign.

The alpine skis are feeling neglected so we are off to the Ghee for some turns this afternoon.

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