Monday, March 12, 2007

New Recruits

When our friends Rick & Joanne saw pics of our snow bikes back in January they expressed an interest in trying it out. These two helped get Michelle and I into mountain biking when we moved to Teton Valley so it only seemed right that we return the favor and introduce them to snow biking.

I was able to borrow a couple of Pugsleys for the day, thanks to Chris and Fitzy, and we met up with Rick & Joanne Sunday morning for a ride in the Big Holes. With forecasted highs in the mid forties we were a bit worried about slushy trails but timed it perfectly. It got down into the mid twenties the night before so the trail was firm and fast at the beginning and gradually softened up as the day went on. The last ½ mile was full of comedy as we all fishtailed down the slushy trail back to the trucks.

Outside of Alaska, most people think of the Pugsley as novelty or a bike that will get ridden a few times per year. In Teton Valley, ID / Jackson, WY, one can argue that the Pugs will see more trail time than a regular mountain bike. Most years we will be riding the snow bikes from Dec 1st through the end of March. We would be lucky to get four full months of dirt riding here due to the spring runoff and then early snows in the fall.

So what did they think? Five minutes into the ride Joanne said “I’m buying one Monday!” and Rick had a big grin every time I looked over. I think they are hooked.


Simmons said...

Ahhh, the Pugsley perma-grin. I've had and witnessed that many times as well :)

Doug said...

It's liking knowing a huge secret. A snowbike is so fun, but hardly anybody knows they exist.

Tim said...

When I picked up my frameset last Saturday, the dealer said, "These things are multiplying like rabbits."

The Anchorage crowd is definitely getting way into them. If anyone needs a brand-new, small, custom-powdercoated Ferrari-red Pugs, I know a guy who is selling one

Anonymous said...

Extreme Brotha Dave,

A thousand thanks for the great ride Sunday! Actually, four-thousand thanks...just to match the dollar amount of the two Pugsleys Joanne & I just ordered :) We now have a sport we both love for the interminably long winter and mud seasons here in Teton Valley. I don't know if I've ever seen Joanne so excited.

I told you snowmobiles could be our friends! Lots of trail to explore, for sure. Cheers,

- Rick

Jill Homer said...

Very cool. These things are multiplying like rabbits ... it was much easier to hold off buying one back in the days when I could browse the web without seeing other one splashed on the screen. Unfortunantly, I live in a geographical area where a Pugsley isn't very practical. And every time I start rambling about buying one, my boyfriend has to talk me down. I guess the solution for me is to move. :-)

Chris said...

how much for the small red one?