Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HotFoot Update

To know whether I have truly solved my Hot Foot issue I need to do a 6 hour ride in 80F+ temps (no 80s in the forecast for a while) but so far the results are promising.

Things I have tried so far:
1) Moved cleats back to 1.5cm behind the ball of my foot on all of my shoes
2) Trying a pair of Lake MX170 MTB Shoes in a size 45 WIDE.
3) Trying a Specialized BG Red+ insole with metatarsal pad

Size 46 Mega Sidis, Size 45 Wide Lakes, Size 44.5 Northwaves

1) The Lake MTB shoes run a full size larger than Sidis
2) When a company makes a standard width shoe AND a wide width shoe, the EXACT same sole is used on both. WTF? This was confirmed by Sidi and Lake. Wouldn't you think a wide foot would require a wider platform?
3) The Lake MX170 shoe allows for a more rearward cleat position. My cleat is 1.5cm rear of the ball of my foot and I could go another 1cm rearward whereas the Sidis are maxed out.

Of the changes I made, the footbed made the least difference but the Specialized BG footbeds are of good quality and are comfy

In order to slide your Speedplay road pedals rearward, you will need their adapter plate whereas Time & Look road pedals have more rearward adjustment built-in.

If you disregard the extra rubber at the toe and heel of the Lakes, the lengths of the 45 Lake is very close to the 46 Sidi

Sole width adds an interesting element to fit


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave- I seem to be working through the same issues as you with a hot foot problem. Changed pedals to speedplay and ramped up my mileage and have been trying to solve the issue for a couple of months now (different shoes, cleat placement, etc). What ended up making the biggest difference in your experience? Thanks - Nick

Dave said...

Nick - I am happy to say that my Hot Foot issues are under control. I recently did the Cream Puff 100 in 87 degree temps and rode for 11 hours with only a twinge of hot foot.
I would say the two biggest items were the Lake Shoes in WIDE width and the Specialized footbeds with metatarsal pads. I loosen my shoes as the race/ride goes on to compensate for foot swelling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave- Thanks alot for the feedback and your very detailed/entertaining posts, I appreciate it. I'm trying to get prepared for the "Death Before Dismount" ride, and need to get this foot problem taken care of!
Thanks again - Nick