Saturday, June 20, 2009

Intercepting the Love Shack

Success! Mike Piker and I launched a last-minute assault to intercept JayP and T-Race as they blitzed through Idaho midday on Friday. They had already been riding 7.5 hours, and were on day seven...and they looked great! And fast. When they point that thing downhill you better get out of the way.

This pic sums up the energy oozing from these two

We parked at the Warm River Campground and rode north to intercept the Tandem-Aniacs

After intercepting them, we spun it around and headed back to the campground where they refilled water. There was no wasted time off the bike for these two.

The Love Shack, baby!

A quick pose before getting back to business

We spun towards Flagg Ranch Rd on the short section of pavement

I am glad I am not racing these was not easy to keep up and we were on cross bikes!

JayP is uploading pics along the way when possible to

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