Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spotty Tandem Spotting

A classic pose next to the "Love Shack"

I am so proud of the Dynamic Duo. They are are the pointy end of the Tour Divide despite very limited time on the tandem pre-race and a few mechanical issues during the race. Back in Lincoln, MT, they lost their original Spot device that was loaned to them for the race. When they got to Helena, the procured a new Spot at a store there but needed some help to activate it via computer (you can't just turn those suckers on and go) so I checked with Tour Divide officials and it was deamed legal for me to help them activate their new Spot from my computer.

Well, the new Spot doesn't seem to like "Tracking" mode. I have received several "Ok" messages but very few "Tracking" messages with the exception of last night between 10:30 PM and 1:00 AM. So, if I hear from the Tandem-maniacs, all I can do is let them know what the most recent Spot messages received were. Let's just say that I am not impressed with the usability of the Spot at this point.

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Dave Harris said...

It's exciting to see Jay and Trace find their flow. The splits tell the story - at one spot I looked at (the split chart has gone temporarily whacky) J&T were about 28 hours behind the chase group. Last time I looked they were 2 hours behind the chase group - and chase group has been going good with a ton of mojo and mutual support. I fully expect J&T to *be* the chase group in short order - nobody is gonna stop them in their home turf, eh? And by the middle of CO? I would not be one bit surprised to see them overtake Mr. Lee for the lead of this grand fandango.

I can feel their mojo all the way down here!