Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Ride Sunday

I love Big Ride Sundays!

Mother Nature tried her best to be the "Fun Police" today but extra layers compensated for her wrath and Big Ride Sunday happened as planned. You can't stop Big Ride Sunday, you can only hope to contain it.

Ride Stats:

5 Hours, 69 miles, 8,800' of climbin'

Weather when I left the house at 11:20 AM:

35F and snowing, turning to rain later

Layers worn today, June 7th:

Mad Alchemy "Cold Weather" Embrocation (as a base layer)
Full length winter weight bib tights

Smart wool ski socks
VBL vapor barrier socks
Lake Winter MTB Shoes

Craft Winstopper front, long sleeve base layer
Winter weight cycling jacket
Rain Jacket

Patagonia R.5 balaclava
Pactimo winter cycling cap
Helmet (always protect your melon)

Icebreaker wool liner gloves
Wind proof mittens
Moose Mitts on the handlebars


brandon said...

way to get after it buddy!

Ed said...

Oooof, way to get out there despite the weather. I'm grateful we had stellar weather for our big Saturday ride.


Rick LaBelle said...

Nice ridin' yesterday my man, and awesome graphic! I went out a couple of hours later and it had improved to almost-tolerable conditions. Also, are you sure on the 8,800 vertical? I did Targhee x 2 from home (base of Shooting Star), and showed just 4,300. Anyway, here's hoping for sunshine one of these days.

JayP said...

you are a junkie!

Kevin Dielissen said...

Damn, you're a stud! You had more money in clothes and base layer than on the bike!! Good job.

Kevin Dielissen said...

Love the new front photo on the Blog too!