Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Building Mojo

This past weekend was all about building mojo for me as the Cream Puff is now less than two weeks away. Last year I went to Oregon with decent fitness but no singletrack mojo whatsoever and I got spanked by the 6" wide fern-lined trails that Oregon is famous for.

Sunday was all about quality, not quantity

Sunday's ride on Snow King's finest singletrack was an excellent mojo building exercise. I was able to chase a group of fast riders around their home trails for aobut 4 1/2 hours and work on my skillz as well as my fitness. I really need to ride over there more as the Snow King trails have a little bit of everything to offer.

Piker coming back from a serious injury just in time to race the Breck Epic in a week

Our group, which fluctuated in size as the ride wore on, consisted of Leadville vets, Cream Puff-ers, a Breck Epic entrant, and a Breck 100 entrant.

Fellow Cream Puff-er Dave Saurman is stong-like-bull

In other mojo building news, The Love Shack is in the home stretch and the race for 2nd Place in the Tour Divide looks like it will come down to the wire. I spoke to JayP yesterday and he sounded good and is looking forward to knocking this thing out. Go Go Go!


brandon said...

Did you ride up or down the "switchback's of death?" If you rode up amazing and if you rode down I'm glad you didn't endo.

Dave said...

B-shizzle - we rode them down, and that was not exactly easy. I had to Fred Flintstone a couple of times.