Monday, June 23, 2008

Singletrack, finally!

First off, my trusty Flux needed some attention before Saturday's ride.

Nothin' makes a bike feel as good as freshly bled brakes and new brake pads!

The trails in Jackson have dried out sooner than most in Teton Valley so I got up at 0-dark-hundred and headed over to ride the Snow King trails early Sat morning to "get my climb on".

Lot's of climbing practice for the Puff'

Saturday's ride was a much-needed dose of singletrack and I had the trails all to myself. Within minutes of leaving Fitzy's I was in climbing through the forest in complete silence with the morning light filtering through the pine branches. Man, the Snow King trails fun! For the locals, here is the route of my double loop.

Start - Fitzy's 7:40 AM
To Linda's Trail
To Sink or Swim
Up Ferrin's
Down West Game
Up Game
Down Cache
To Hagen
Up Ferrins again
To West Game
Up Game
To Cache
Part of Putt Putt
To Cache
Finish at Fitzy's
Head straight to Kashman's for a Mediterranean omlet, bagel, and potatoes. Yum!

Sunday morning Michelle and I took the dudes for a fun hike near the new house and discovered an awesome new-to-us trail. It is probably a fuzz too steep to mtn bike but I need to give it try just to make sure. :)

The flowers haven't peaked yet here

We are loving the new house and most of all we love being in Victor. In addition to being closer to Jackson, we are closer to the network of trails at the south end of the valley.

Peso is digging the new digs too

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Ed said...

Congratulations on finding singletrack finally :-)

"Nothin' makes a bike feel as good as freshly bled brakes and new brake pads!"

New tires come close!

Good luck at the Creampuff.