Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Ride Saturday

Weather: 46F, cloudy and windy with intermittent rain & snow showers
Bike: Road Bike
Distance: 108 miles
Moving Time: 6:17:00

JayP and Jill were up for a big ride as well so we left Jackson around 10:15am and headed clockwise towards Alpine, WY. This meant we would climb Pine Creek Pass and Teton Pass near the end of ride and it proved to be tough. I think going this direction adds 15 to 20 minutes to the ride time vs. climbing the pass first.

Jill's pit crew changes an early flat

Three riders is a perfect number for a big road ride because the paceline rotation is efficient and you get a bit longer to recover from each pull at the front.

Jill D is tough as nails and was always smiling

I knew the climb up Teton Pass at the end would be tough...and it was. But the descent down the pass into Wilson was brutally cold and the cross-winds were a bit scary.

Side Note: After stopping in Swan Valley for water and snacks my PowerTap had gone to "sleep". So I double-pressed the buttons to enter the "find" mode but with my cold fingers I held too long and cleared the first 3:25:00 of my ride. Fack! My complete power file would have been as pretty as a Tom Mangelsen shot of the Tetons at sunset. Ha!
This was a very hard day on the bike.

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