Monday, June 2, 2008

Should I stay or should I go?

That is the question rattleing around in my brain early this week. I am going to lay down a huge block of riding this Fri, Sat, and Sun and some of it needs to be on the dirt. One can only ride the road bike so much. The local forecast is not looking sweet so I am considering other options:

Option #1 - Fruita
Option #2 - Ride locally
Option #3 - TBD

Fruita is the best option for great riding and weather but the 8+ hour drive is a downer. I wish there was a good option 4-5 hours away. It doesn't even have to be "great" riding at this point. Dry dirt with some climbing is all I need and the rest is a bonus. Any ideas? I wonder how dry it is in & around Park City, UT right now.

We have exciting local race news. Cyclocross racing will happen in Victor, ID in 2008! The first race will be September 20th and coincide with Grand Teton Brewing's Octoberfest. The city of Victor is behind it and there is already a buzz.

The details are being worked out but it is likely that there will be at least 3 races to form a short 'cross series that goes into October. I have zero genetic talent for this type of racing but I can't wait start practicing barriers and dismounts.


Rick LaBelle said...

Three suggestions for this weekend:
1. Pocatello (City Creek, Mink Creek areas)
2. Boise (River to Ridge trails, Bogus Basin)
3. Salt Lake (Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Mueller Park-North Canyon)

Will summer ever arrive in Teton Valley??

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Dave and I are headed for Red Canyon this weekend. Nearest town that comes up on a weather map is Hatch, UT. Some Red canyon pics here Big drive for you tho'. Dave has some Trans Utah explorations mapped out.