Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautiful. Brutal. Glorious.

I finished my first Cream Puff today in 13:28:00 on my watch. 107 miles & 15,560 feet of climbing. Overall I am very pleased with my race; felt really good every time the Earth tilted up and not so good when it tilted down. Descending 6" wide, fern-lined singletrack at race speed is not a strength of mine right now. :)

There is so much to digest and learn from this one and there will definitely be a blow-by-blow recap after I drive home 13+ hours tomorrow and catch up. (Ugh.)

JayP killed it!

Mike Piker and Gabe also had really good races so we were four for four for our Jackson, WY / Victor, ID posse. Not bad.


Ed said...



FixieDave said...

Nicely Done!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave! I don't think I could finish that race if I started it.

Now you just need to focus on finishing the Sultan.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Nice accomplishment and job well done.

Doug said...

Awesome Dave....Congrats!