Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Park City Point 2 Point Video

Here is a great video created by Dave Harris during the PCPP.

PCP2P 2010 from Dave Harris on Vimeo.

Michelle and Kenai are famous!


Hamilton said...

and your "Do Over" race? The proverbial Mulligan?
Iceman? Moab...ahem...Solito? ahem ahem...Single?
Enquiry know the rest! Sorry about Park, I know how fired up you were...

Dave said...

Hami - it would be easier to pick my "Mulligan" if my friggin' gut issues would subside. I am on an intestinal roller coaster at the moment and I want off.
Are you doing Moab?

Hamilton said...

Just missed you yesterday, saw you leaving town. No Moab, sorry to say. Hope you feel better.