Monday, September 27, 2010

Kross Kickoff Report

We held our first cross race of the season this past Saturday and it was great to see the racers enjoying the festive atmosphere with Oktoberfest building momentum as the day went on.

KrossKickoff Masters from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

The Master's 35+/45+ race from my helmet cam (sorry for the poor camera angle)

Random Post-Race Thoughts:
- Cross racing hurts...A lot...especially with zero warmup
- Oktoberfest and cyclocross go together quite well
- How can a race so short hurt so badly?
- As a result of my consistent Monday Run-Days, at least my running muscles aren't sore

I literally jumped into the Master's race with no warmup due to my organizer duties and pinned it from gun. Ouch. I knew it would hurt and I also expected to suck badly, and I did. At least I have a lot of room for improvement. It was fun battling with Dave Connor (in the video) for a while until he rode away and left me to die a slow death in no-man's land.

For more Kross Kickoff pics, check out

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