Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first video effort

I thought I would take a whole bunch of new-to-me things, mix 'em up, throw it at the wall, and see what sticks. Riding a DH bike on the Teton Pass downhill trails, using a helmet cam, and editing video were all new to me a couple of days ago.

Teton Pass 9-13-2010 from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

My old Mac Mini isn't exactly a video editing powerhouse but it has iMovie installed so I went with it for my first try. Can you say slooooow?

If you have some experience with video I would love a few tips. What software do you like for editing? Mac or PC? How do you get your data from your SD card (or similar) to your computer? I gotta believe that the USB cable from the camera to the computer is the slowest option.

The helmet cam is fun stuff and I am looking forward to playing with it more in the coming weeks.


Shells said...

Super sweet!!

Dave said...

Shells - if you were to ride a DH bike that had the suspension tuned for your weight, you would be SO hooked. I am just sayin'.

Hamilton said...

I'm laughing, the two major climactic moments in the soundtrack are when you bypass the log drop and the gap jump! What's the title of the film, Epic Denial? (just kidding, you know those things scare the crap out of me, too!) Can't wait to see this new medium come alive for you...my unsolicited advice, keep 'em short.