Sunday, July 5, 2009


My last tune-up prior to the Cream Puff was the annual WYDAHO XC Race at the Ghee on the 4th of July. Honestly, I can't imagine missing this race as it is one of best races of the year...great course, great vibe, great support, and always a good field.

I definitely had my suffer-face on

Getting some additional racing under my belt and a bit more practice at race speed was the goal and I had a solid race. I think I squeaked into the top ten in the Expert field and improved my PR in this race by a fair bit. I raced the Niner Air9 on Saturday and this race confirmed that I will race the hardtail at the Puff.

This week will be about minimizing "life stress" and getting some good sleep which hasn't been a given over the past week.

7/6/09 EDIT: Just saw the official results and I did NOT squeak into the top ten. Doh!

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JenyJo said...

rest rest rest and eat eat eat! nice race, nice suffer face, and i hope you find deep sleep all dayum week!

giddy up!