Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Trash, Cream Puff Edition

I leave Friday morning bright and early for the Cream Puff with three traveling mates and a truckload of bikes and gear. Although I don't know them as well as the crew I traveled to the Puff with last year, that doesn't mean they should be spared from the usual treatment does it?

Regardless of your household sanitation schedule, the Wednesday before any BIG race is offically Trash Day

Let me start off by saying that the Puff is not Cache-to-Game, nor is it WYDAHO. So, to a certain someone (Dave S.) who beat me in both races this year, I would simply suggest that maybe you won because it was part of my meticulous planning and overall Cream Puff strategy to allow you to beat me in the "sprints" in order to lull you into a false sense of security before the BIG one. You will just have to mull that one over and wonder...especially when you are on the very last, sun exposed, merciless, never-ending gravel climb at the Puff.

To another of my traveling mates who regularly beats me handily and is probably not converned about me threatening his overall position in the race (Troy), I will say that I am prepared to unleash my total and complete fury this Sunday. If I have to reach down and tear off a piece of my quad muscle (because they are huge right now and I have extra that I can spare) and throw it into your spokes to slow you down while I pass you on a climb, I will do it.

Our remaining traveling mate, Hamilton, should have a very solid Cream Puff. You see, Hami sports the full beard and looks just like an Oregon logger. In fact, I would highly recommend that he add some flannel, and possibly a chain saw, to his race kit to complete the look.

Bring it.


Dave Saurman - Livin' The Dream said...

Oh yeah, I knew Byers had some sneaky tactic by letting me win those other 2 races! Dave, now I am really scared. Please be nice to me. Troy, he is not even on the team. I can understand his fate. Yours truly, Your fellow TEAMMATE, Dave

The Lumberjack said...

Just so you know, I'm only charging ten bucks for the photos I take of all three of you punks coming across the finish line after me.

Booyah...and ... TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JenyJo said...


ooooo..... i cannot wait to see/hear how this one turns out!

go get yerself sum-summa-sumthin'!!!




JayP said...

That's classic trash talking for sure.
I am jealous to not be there this year but will be there in spirit.
Is side line trash talking allowed...
regardless how it turns out Troy will smoothered by the orange the whole time.
Dave S.- how do you expect to finish in a decent time with such little wheels.
Hami- go out really, really, really hard the first half this should set you up to be taking pictures of those guys finishing...
Dave B- can you keep out of the poison oak?
Have fun boys, be nice.

T-Race said...

Best to all of you! Lucky for you the loveshack is recovering!

Anonymous said...

Good luck out there tomorrow. bring me back some Deschutes goodness from Bend.

chellie said...

I love this!