Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Downhill Practice at the Ghee

Riding the lift up, and then ripping the downhill trails at Grand Targhee is fun! I have to admit, I felt a little guilty about riding the lift up instead of earning the vertical by grinding up the mountain. But I quickly got over it. Ha!

The new skills park is shaping up nicely

Michelle and I went up to the Ghee on Sunday to ride the buffed singletrack and after two laps and a little lunch break we decided to try out the new downhill trails. Andy Williams has done a great job up there building trails and the three new downhill trails add a whole new dimension to riding at Grand Targhee. The downhill trails are not just for 8" bikes and full-face helmets. I plan to ride Sidewinder on the xc bike a lot more to work on my skillz this summer. I have to admit that I am dying to try a "real" downhill bike and increase the speed limit a bit. Lifts run Thursday through Sunday from 10AM to 6PM.

Relaxing in the sun on the way up

Riders take the service road briefly at the top before choosing one of three downhill trails

Sidewinder is the easiest of the downhill trails and we had a blast on our xc bikes

M ripping Sidewinder

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JenyJo said...

now that doesn't look or sound like fun at all!!


nice pix!! glad you're out having FUN FUN FUN!