Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tomorrow, we duel!

A few times per season I plan a battle with this same adversary and so far I have beaten him each time. To tie or fall short, even by the tiniest of margins, would be an unacceptable blow to my psyche that could require months of therapy to repair. The time and place has been set:

9:00 AM Thursday, Coal Creek Parking Lot, Teton Pass

The battle will last precisely 20 minutes but will feel as if it will never end. The ironic thing about my duel with my FTP tomorrow is that regardless of the outcome, I will suffer as a result. Should I lose, and not achieve a new personal-best PNorm for 20 minutes, I will suffer both mentally AND physically as I train for a rematch. And should I win by achieving a new all-time high PNorm, my training zones will be adjusted upwards accordingly and thus I will subject myself to a higher level of glorious suffering.

Squiggley lines to follow.

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T-Race said...

I'll be thinkin boutcha! Good luck!