Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jem is for mojo

Day 2 in St George went extremely well. We toyed with the idea of riding Gooseberry but switched to Gould's to Jem to Hurricane Rim at the last minute and it was pure greatness. Beating the thunderstorm back to the truck by literally 30 seconds just added to the good mojo.

I might have to go back and do a double lap of this trail combo before I leave or maybe do one lap clockwise followed by a counter-clockwise lap for a little variety. We ran into an older, very fit couple walking their bikes on Hurricane Rim Trail. They forgot their pump so we stopped and helped them fix the flat quick. Slime tubes rock! Michelle would have flatted today but the green goodness filled the gaps quick and was evident on the outside of her tire in a couple of places. JayP, now a Slime Pro Staffer, hooked us up with some Slime tubes right before we left. Thanks JayP!


brandon said...

That dirt looks so nice right now. You guys have an awesome time riding some of the most fun trails available.

Don't come back before saturday or you will be very sorry you left St. George.

FixieDave said...


yeah i don't ride anywhere without my slime tubes anymore

JayP said...

Cool, glad to hear the tubes are working out.

To see colors other then the white blanket we have, and then to ride actual dirt, must be amazing.

Packing today leaving tonight.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I am living vicariously through your blog this week. great job w/ keeping us updated b/c the weather here… well is like a snow cone.


hi to michelle!

steve said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I am in total awe of where you get to ride. We have some single and double track nestled in a largley populated area(southern Ontario Canada). Some day I'll get down your way for an epic ride!