Friday, October 3, 2008

Double Header

Yeeehaw! Last night was a good night.

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM was cross practice in Jackson.

7:05 PM to 9:30 PM was an excellent night mtb ride with Mike P.

I need more practice with my step-through dismount and smoothing out my remount. And then I need to get better at doing both at full speed. My homemade PVC barriers turned out sweet so I can practice anytime now. More cross racing tomorrow in Victor and it looks the Belgian-like weather is coming!

The night ride was one of the most enjoyable I have had. We did a great loop, I dressed perfectly, and Mike P. was setting a solid pace. We had several close encounters with moose, most of which we did not see but only heard, and then at the very end of the ride we got to see a gorgeous bull moose out in the open. Cool.

The Route:
Cache Rd. to Hagan
Hagan to Ferrins
Ferrins to West Game
West Game to Game
Game to Cache
Cache to Hagan
Hagan to the Sidewalk (my new favorite night trail)
Sidewalk to Cach Rd.

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