Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cross is sneaky

It sneaks up on you and then latches on tight. Cross started out as a passing thought, "sure, what the hell, it's the end of the season so I will try it". One month later I am shopping for cowbells and dreaming of running the perfect barrier in a seamless motion.

I love the physical part of cross because there is no hiding in a cross race. There is no sitting in the pack or coasting down long downhills to recover. If you are fit, and have honed your cross skills, you will be rewarded. Cross has exposed all of my weaknesses as an athlete, and there are many, and I am looking forward to the challenge of chipping away at them. There will be many humiliating moments as I crash into barriers, stumble on steep muddy run-ups, and crash land on my re-mounts. But when I make the perfect remount or pass another rider in the barriers it will be a glorious moment.

Most importantly, I love cross for the social aspect. Cross is the most inclusive, welcoming form of bike racing there is. Courses are short and spectator friendly and the racing is inspiring. Feel the cowbell!

Looking through the hairpin

Jannine was on my tail the entire race and I could FEEL those socks comin' at me

This past Saturday was hard day on the bike and I got spanked. I suffered like a dog for an hour but within minutes of finishing I was looking forward to my next chance at redemption.

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