Monday, October 27, 2008

Rexburg Cross and sweet singletrack

We headed to Rexburg, ID on Sat for the first cross race in The CUBE Cyclocross race series. We really had no idea what to expect in terms of the course or the competition but we were pleasantly surprised on both fronts. The Rexburg Nature Park is a perfect cross venue with unlimited options for course designs.

No really, I was suffering

There were 3 sets of barriers per lap and we did 12 laps...that is good barrier practice. Coming into the barriers at full speed takes nerves of steel and solid technique and Fitzy, aka Daddy Long Legs, is flying. Me, not so much yet.

Fitzy and Jannine sporting their new bling; we had a blast.

Scott took the win in the Men's A race and Jannine took the win in the Women's A race. Quite the power couple eh?

The aptly named Aspen Trail is riding great right now.

The mountain bikes are still getting some love too. Sunday I rode the Aspen Trail with the ladeez and had a blast. It is as good as it gets right now with tacky dirt and leaves covering the entire trail.

A little mud never hurt anyone

The Snow King trails over in Jackson are north facing and may not totally dry out again this year but are still rideable. In fact, they are best in the morning before the mud thaws too much.

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Lynda Wallenfels said...

CX up in your neck of the woods looks like a ton of fun.