Monday, September 29, 2008

Question for the Stan's Experts

I have been using Stan's Arches on my 29ers for the past six months and have successfully mounted up the following tires:

2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ralph
2.1 Bontrager Xdx Tubeless Ready
2.1 Kenda Small Block 8
2.1 Schwalbe Little Alberts
2.35 Panaracer Rampage

I follow the instructions on Stan's video carefully and use an air compressor to inflate. I do not add Stan's sealant until I can get the tire to seal with just soap on the bead.

Why can't I get the Little Alberts to seal again??? They were the trickiest of the tires listed above the first time I mounted them but with lots of soap on the bead and some patience I got them inflated and they held air well. I tried everything this weekend and cannot get them seated.

I wonder if the SnakeSkin sidewall is preventing the bead from making the initial seal? Sure, I could throw a tube in their but what fun would that be?

Any tricks out there?


Chris said...

Can you pop the core, crank the compressor pressure and shoot the air directly in with an air gun?

I've found this to work well when I need more air volume to seat the bead initially. Just be careful once it starts to seat not to put too much pressure in and pop it off the rim.

I've sealed a bunch of snake skin ralphs and nics albeit the 26" versions just fine.

Anonymous said...

Try, really over inflating.
I also push down heavily on the rim/tire while rolling it out every few inches. This would simulate riding on it at low pressure but you can do it immediately after putting some air in it and with more concentrated force.
I am sure you tried all the tricks but you probably did'nt try the new Slime Pro Series Tubeless sealant. I will hook you up!

Dave said...

Thanks fellas. My compressor isn't a giant but it isn't a wee-one either. I did try removing the valve core. I also tried tapping the tire around the circumference as I had the compressor on. It does seem as if I need a bigger "blast" of air to pop the sidewalls out to the beed on the initial blast.

grannygear said...

When I first mounted up the Ignitor/Crossmark combo on the Flows, I did the soap thing and inflated them with a floor pump. yep, floor pump. Then I Stans'd them up and same compressor.


I tore a sidewall and needed to replace the Ignitor. Remounted the new tire, soap, etc....pump, pump, pump till I was dripping sweat. No seat? What da hey?

Then it came to me. Before I had run them tubeless, I had tubes in both wheelsets so the beads were fully seated with the old tires.
I wondered if that was the diff...I could not get the initial seal. Now I could have gone to the garage and tried the compressor, but I had a tube nearby so I threw it in and seated the beads with a good 'pop'.

Then I deflated the tube, unseated one bead only and pulled the tube, replaced the Stan's stem, and feeling bold, poured in the Stan's goop. Floor pump action and voila, pumped right up.

So two things: I needed to have one bead completely seated over the rim strip to get enough of a seal AND the Stan's stuff is thicker than soapy water and helps the other bead hold air till it takes.

Anyway, worked for me.

Dave said... rock! This trick worked and I will keep this one in the arsenal now. I had to be careful not to un-seat the one bead while removing the tubes but they aired right up with no Stans. So then I removed the valve stem, added some goo, and I am all set. Greatness.

grannygear said...

Glad it worked out. Ride on.