Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training with a Gangsta'

For the last two years I have met up with my homie Fiddee Cent over in Jackson, WY for some quality Cream Puff training.  Each of the last two years, we have met up for big rides around the classic Snow King trails.  Last year we added singlespeeds to the mix and I chased Fiddee for three laps on Ferrins & Game Creek Trails.  Chasing the Gansta' proved to be good training as I had a great race on my singlespeed last year at the Cream Puff.  Since I am headed back to the Cream Puff this year, why mess with good mojo?

The stars aligned and I was able to make a quick getaway to Teton Valley this past weekend to visit friends and ride some of my favorite trails.  I shot Fiddee Cent an email early in the week to see if he was up for continuing the tradition of pre-Cream Puff suffering and he was "all in".  Being two weeks out from the 2012 Cream Puff, the timing was perfect for six hours of glorious suffering on the singlespeed and Fiddee Cent did not disappoint.
The Route:  (Old Pass Rd + Phillips Connector + Arrow + Snow Tel + Phillips Ridge + Fish Creek Rd) x 3
Long sustained climb + long descent = good Cream Puff training

We decided to change the route this year and ride the trails on Teton Pass and begin with solid 30' climb up Old Pass Rd before cutting over to the sweet singletrack of the Arrow Trail.  Fiddee Cent was "en fuego" and it was all I could do to keep him in sight.  Riding with fast people will make you faster.

Some folks don't like the Phillips Ridge Trail because it is so rocky in places that some find it hard to "flow" on this trail.  I personally LOVE this trail.  It forces me to think about every pedal stroke and body weight shift and makes me feel like a mountain biker.  The trail condition was perfect and Fiddee Cent and I were flying down the Ridge trail.  Descending is a key component to the Cream Puff as well.  "Look through the corner", "stay off the front brake", "stay low"...these were key thoughts that I consciously reminded myself of while chasing the Gangsta' down the Ridge Trail.

Saturday, June 16th was a perfect training day as well as being an incredible day out on the trails.  As a bonus, my lower back felt better than it has in months and I think I am on the right track with a long-term solution.  More on that later...Thanks Fiddee.


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Fiddee said...

That was a good day. Believe me, I was running scared. I am definitely planning on spending more time on the pass this season. Not many people can say they have ridden three single speed Ridge Trails in one day, I know I can't. You are one bad ass mo fo for doing it. Good luck at the Puff.