Wednesday, June 13, 2012

K-Edge Releases New Mount for Garmin Edge Computers

K-Edge released their anticipated Garmin Mount today and it will be available at your local bike shop very soon.  As a Garmin 500 user, I have been waiting for this product to be released for months.  I prefer to have my Garmin 500 out in front of my bars on all of my bikes because I find it is much easier to see in this position.  Best of all, the mount is 100% machined aluminum, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is only $10 more than the plastic competition. No brainer.

K-Edge Garmin Mount with 500
K-Edge Garmin Mount with 800
The K-Edge Garmin Mount extend to accommodate the longer Garmin 800

No plastic here. Beautiful machining work.

K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin Edge®
Part No: K13-490-[color]

Product Description:
Professional grade mount for Garmin Edge® GPS computers.  Sleek design and placement of the computer enhances the use of the Garmin Edge® 200, 500 & 800 models.
K-EDGE’s Computer Mount ensures success and security of the computer through three locking points, CNC-machined out of a single piece of aluminum.  The definitive click gives the user the confidence to focus on the ride, not their computer mount.
The K-EDGE Computer Mount positions the Garmin computer display below the top of the handlebars, centered and in-front of the stem.  This gives the user an improved ergonomic view of the display from their position on the bike and a wind-cheating, sleek cockpit. 
Unique design is adjustable for the smaller Garmin Edge® 200 and 500 models or the larger 800 model.
CNC machined from aluminum, Made in the USA, Life-Time Guarantee and No plastic parts or components.
ü  Made in the USA.  CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
ü  Compatibility – Garmin Edge®800, 500, and 200 GPS Bicycle Computers
ü  Fitment – 31.8mm diameter handlebars - powerful clamping via all metal bolt/mount system
ü  Weight – 30 grams (weight includes bolt, clamp, mount)
ü  Lifetime Guarantee – if you break it, we will replace it

Anodized Colors:
ü  Black
ü  Gunmetal
ü  Red

MSRP $49.99

15 June 2012


Fiddee said...

I mounted the Barfly on my mountain bike bars. Last Saturday I had a minor crash during a race and the barfly snapped in half. Luckily the Garmin was fine. I wonder if the aluminum would've broke? Or it it didn't brake if the Garmin would've instead? Both are way overpriced in my opinion and I do not plan on replacing it. It was cool while it lasted. Sorry Lunner.

Dave Byers said...

Fiddee - I think the key is to not tighten the clamp down on your bars too tight. This will allow the mount to spin on the bar vs. break if you crash. They are backing it with a lifetime warranty which is cool and helps justify the $49.

Adam Meyer said...

They do look cool (and a better option than stock configuration) but I don't want to spend 20% of the cost of a computer (500) on an aftermarket mount.

Maybe Garmin will buy Barfly and include this when you buy their electronics instead of the current rubber o-ring style mount.

Unknown said...


send me 5 bucks and I'll send you another Bar Fly.

Its all cool........and no worries, you gotta tell us about this stuff. I have not seen a single one break yet.

Unknown said...

One thing you can do with neither the Barfly nor the K-Eedge is to rotate the computer when the sun is reflecting into your eyes. You cannot look cool when you cannot see.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking to adapt a wing nut to the handle bar mounting bolts then twisting the 800 to allow for glare. Sometimes the sun reflects in ones eyes sometimes the glare keeps one from seeing the display.

Unknown said...

One more for breakage. Had a fall on the MTB and it snapped like a twig. Back to the runner band mount.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is ...very easy to spot !
be glad the mount break on impact, taking the hit, instead of your computer breaking. If the mount was`nt breaking, the computer would take the full impact... Physics !!

Unknown said...

What bar tape are you using???

Wow Thinking said...

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