Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Cream Puff Week!

This Sunday, July 1st, I will start my 5th consecutive Cream Puff and I fully intend to finish my 5th consecutive Cream Puff.  Some might think that doing a race five years in a row is boring but some of my best race memories are from the Cream Puff.  The race organization is top-notch, the terrain is unlike any other race that I do, and it is also one of the most challenging.

I am really looking forward to the Puff this year because we are racing the same course as 2009.  I finally have a chance to race against myself on a previous Cream Puff course!  The 2009 race was one of the harder versions with 17,500' of climbing in 103 miles...and a little rain thrown into the mix just to keep us on our toes.  I raced my geared Air9 hardtail in 2009 but I am racing the Selma SS this year.  If I execute well, I can go faster than I did in 2009 when it took me 12:03 to finish.  Ironically, the forecast is calling for a chance of rain on Sunday.

My 2012 Race Mantra
Look through the corner.
Stay off the brakes.
Stay on the gas.
Repeat x 10,000.

Map & Profile of the 2012 Cream Puff Course

As I was checking the Cream Puff website for race updates, I read the news (Posted 6-14-12) that Scott Taylor is stepping down as the Race Director of the Cream Puff.  Wow, I wasn't expecting that.  Every single Cream Puff I have attended has been excellent and they set the bar very high for how to run an endurance race.  I am glad that I am racing Scott's last Cream Puff so that I can shake his hand one more time. Thank you Scott!

This was posted on the Director's Corner of the Cream Puff site

Scott Taylor greets me at the finish in 2011

Scott Taylor, Captain Cream Puff


Dave Harris said...

SS or geared? Have a great race Dave!

Hamilton said...

Holy cow...I remember '09 like it was yesterday! I would love to do that course again...WINberry...where you passed me, like I was a SADberry! I suffered that day, and now Scott is moving on. You're going to do great, and we will definitely be thinking of you come Sunday, O'dark early. Choose a gear, yet? Oh yeah, epic fast!! Good luck!

Dave Byers said...

DH - Thanks. I am rocking the SS again this year.

Hami - I am stoked to ride the Winberry/Tire Mountain stuff again this year. I am sticking with what worked for me last year...32x20.