Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training Camp - Day 2

Who stole my mojo?

T-Race is always smiling regardless of the weather

T-Race and Michelle joined me for the first half and both rode strong. 46 miles over 4.5 hours shouldn't have been that tough, even on the snow bike. I simply had a "blah" day. Mother Nature toyed with us again and gave us various combinations of snow & wind but at least it wasn't that cold.

As a simple trick to motivate myself for tomorrow, I drew up a "Snow Century" in Topofusion so that I will be "destination obsessed" rather than simply staring at the clock. It is not a perfect loop because the goal is to stay off of as much pavement on the snow bike as possible. 100 miles on snowy backroads will be a whopper and the wind will dictate the average speed. Basically the route will take me from Victor, ID north to Bitch Creek and then back.

Time to go big.


Chris E. said...

Dave my friend sometimes you gotta put the word "cross" in front of "train". 52 inches in the last seven days should logically force the snowbikes into temporary retirement...

But anyway, did your water freeze???

T-Race said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah powder junkies! To each their own. Some of us have races to win!

Dave said...

Chris E., my water did NOT freeze. :) Thanks!