Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last week was a whopper

Ride, skate ski, ride some more, backcountry ski, and then finally ride some more...and don't forget the core exercises. With a slow week at work in between Christmas and New Year and the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo approaching fast I logged some solid time last week. The same number of "outside" hours in the winter leaves me more tired than the same number of hours in the summer for sure.

Last Saturday was finally our first ski day of the season. Admittedly, I am a snow snob and the snow biking has been very good so I hadn't missed the skiing. But when we got 9" of new snow Friday night it was all-systems-go and we scrambled to pull the backcountry packs out of the basement. Two great runs down Columbia Bowls in knee-deep powder brought the ski stoke back in a hurry.

Our first backcountry ski day started with a short tour from the top of Teton Pass

This little untracked lane was calling to us

My favorite tree, located at the top of Columbia Bowls

It's not called medium-ride Sunday, or kinda-sorta-big ride Sunday...it called Big Ride Sunday and we did our best to honor that name.
- 58+ Miles on the snow bikes
- 6:09:00 moving time
- Quiet Teton Valley backroads and one attempt at trail riding in very soft conditions

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