Thursday, January 7, 2010

Togwotee Winter Classic - Jan 9th

The 2010 Togwotee Winter Classic, Race #1 is almost here. Are you ready?

With both previous Togwotee Winter Classic champions, JayP and Mike Piker, signed up this year, we are guaranteed to have some serious racing at the front. But will a dark horse emerge from the pack and steal their thunder? Will this year be a 6-hour slog or a firm & fast cross-country throw down? Regardless, it will be glorious and you don't want to miss it!


brandon said...

Best of luck to all those who brave the cold to enjoy the beauty of the place we live while riding their bike.

Have fun and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Thunder begins with T, now doesn't it? Good times fer shure!

Vito said...

Dave, I'm just curious on what your thoughts are on running a snow bike with a SS set-up. That's currently my plan for my new Pugs, but I'm second guessing my gearing selection.

I'm trying to pick as many people's brains as possible.

Thanks and good luck!!

Dave said...

Vito - a SS snow bike would be perfect...if you want to take your bike for long walks in the snow. If all you ride is flat terrain I could see trying it but here in the mountains we use a lot of gears on every ride. Gears and SRAM grip shift are mandatory in my opinion.

Joboo said...

this was the biggest question i had when i was starting my Pug build also.
go SS or gears??
i bent as many ears as i could find, and got as many different answers.
i settled on 2x9, and if i wanna try the SS in the future, i'll swap wheels, and go from there.
sounded good to me, but we'll see if i even get around to doing that.


Rudi said...

Dave: can you tell what kind of bike you ride, and any thots on a hardtail Ti vs., e.g. a Turner Flux--for similar riding that you do.
Is there a different way I could contact you for 'some coaching'?
All the best--great blog!!!