Sunday, January 17, 2010

10-Day Update

Whoa! How did 10 days pass since my last post? Let's recap shall we?

The Togwotee Winter Classic went off in near perfect conditions on Jan 9th and allowed us to race as if it were the WYDAHO XC race. Most importantly, everyone had a great time and that is why I get stoked to organize these events.

Camp Lynda 3.0 was officially cancelled due to Mother Nature's evil conspiracy against riding dry glorious red dirt in moderate temps with like-minded enduro junkies. Lynda, thanks for all of your thoughts and effort in planning a three-day binge for us.

And there was also some riding...and it was good. In particular, today's ride in the Bigholes was crisp, firm, fast, quiet, and left me with perma-grin. A new corner of the map was added to the arsenal today and there is so much more to explore.


Joboo said...

Sweet photo's!! looks like it was perfect!!

did you drill the FatBack rims (100's?) yourself.

Thanks for sharing!!!


JenyJo said...

awesome pix, dave... are there more to post? looks SOOO heavenly!



Mike said...

Methinks I know this trail. Did you guys ride up to Packsaddle Lake???? IN THE SNOW???

Dude, you must be pedaling some super-clean circles. I thought some of the sections on that little climb were steep enough with just dirt on them.