Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding the creak

I think I finally tracked down the mysterious creak in my Air 9 that has been haunting me since the Cream Puff. I am 95% sure it was my Time Atac pedals! Man, I can't stand riding a noisy bike.

I had done the following BEFORE pulling apart the pedals and re-greasing the spindles, which Time says that you should never have to do:

- Pulled bottom bracket out and re-greased threads
- Took all chainrings off and greased all chainring bolts
- Cleaned all cable housing ferrules, and added anti-seize to the tip of each ferrule
- Cleaned and re-greased seatpost clamp & seatpost
- Removed derailleur hanger, cleaned, and greased where it meets the frame
- Checked all skewers

EDIT 8/17/09: The friggin' creak is back already after racing Pierre's Hole!

Michelle and I are racing the Pierre's Hole 50/100 this weekend as a team. Woohoo! I am psyched to see Michelle get the racing bug again. Targhee sits at 8,000' and can be a weather magnet so this could be interesting given the wet forecast.

After seeing our forecast for Saturday deteriorate, I decided to mount up these


brandon said...

It's amazing how many times it's the pedals. It's not just your bike.

I'm kinda surprised there's no trash talkin' goin' on here.

What gives?

Dave said...

Hey there B - no trash talking this week...I don't need any bad juju this weekend. :)

brandon said...

Best of luck to both you and Michelle. I'm glad you will be able to share this race together.

Chris E. said...

I thought you said finding the "creek". Keep the rubber side down!