Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Racin' Is Fun!

I was just as excited to see Michelle come out of her two-year race retirement as I was to actually race the Pierre's Hole 100 as a team. Michelle took all of last summer off from racing and went into this summer with no definite plans to race but I was able to convince her to race with me at Pierre's. Once she got it in her brain that she was coming out of retirement she quickly got focused.

Michelle looks way too happy for 6:30AM and 40F degrees. :)

The team format at Pierre's is pretty can mix up your laps any way you like so we decided that Michelle would lead us off and do the start lap plus the first full lap and then I would do the next three laps in a row. At the end of the day, I know Michelle wished that she would have done two full laps but she had fun and didn't absolutely destroy herself so it was a huge success. Plus, now she is hungry for the Park City Point to Point Race September 5th! We are both signed up for the whole team racin' in Park City.

Once the gun went off Michelle was all business

Having the Pikers stay with us the night before and hang out with us all day at the race was an added bonus. Mike won the 35+ Men's race with a ridunculous-ly fast time and Meagan was incredibly supportive all day. I also learned a saying from Mike: When you are about to do an event that is sure to hurt, it is important to "Feng Shui your pain cave". Greatness!

Having fun on my last lap through the lift area

I didn't take this race for granted but I don't think I was quite ready for the pain of Lap #3. I was definitely cooked when I crossed the line and if I had to go out for another lap it would not have been pretty. Oh yeah, did I mention it snowed? Actually, graupel fell on me for most of my climb up Dry Creek on my second lap and at the time I was thankful it was not rain. At least graupel bounces off and doesn't leave you soaking wet.

Team Byers had an excellent day

Let me say again, this race is going to grow! Stay tuned for the 2010 Pierre's Hole 50/100 race date.

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