Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Road trip baby!

Tomorrow I am heading down to Fruita, CO for some binge riding and Kokopelli Trail scouting and I cannot wait. Today will be a scramble to get some work done, rebuild the Flux from its current bare-frame state, run some errands, and pack for the trip.

I have never been to Fruita or Moab and the thought of riding on dry dirt in short sleeves in two days seems almost like a dream. The forecast here in Driggs is for rain and snow through Sunday...perfect timing.

My hopes for this trip are simple.

#1 - Come home very sore
#2 - See as much of the Kokopelli Trail as possible in three days
#3 - Avoid 3rd degree sunburn on my milk-toast legs
#4 - Have a good time


Dave Harris said...

I know you accomplished #2 and #3, how'd #1 and #4 turn out for you? :)

Dave said...

#1 - Yes, very sore. :)

#4 - Had a great time. Thanks again.