Monday, April 30, 2007

Even more Kleenex please

Ok, I guess there is never a good time to get sick but this timing really sucks. I really thought I was on top of this crud and that I would knock it out before it latched onto me but I have felt progressively worse each day since Friday and I spent the entire weekend in bed or shuffling around the house. Did I mention that the weather in Teton Valley was the nicest yet for 2007? This one has turned out to be a whopper. Not much work is getting done and today marks the 8th day in row that I have not ridden a bike.

I may have to rethink my approach to KTR now depending on how long it takes me to shake this crud. Instead of truly trying to peak for the race, I might train through the race with mini-taper the week before and use it as a build up to the 12/24 Hours of Steamboat on June 9th. There is a big hole in my June race calendar and the 9th works nicely for a race. I am leaning towards the 12 hour solo at this point.

Congrats to everyone who got after it this past weekend whether it was a solo mission, TI v3, or DSG. My box of Kleenex and I were living vicariously through your adventures.


Jerome said...

Sucks to be us huh? I'm in the same boat you're in buddy. I hate it. I even missed the Calgary Police Half Marathon this weekend. The race sold out in 8 hrs, I had an entry, and ended up giving to my uncle because I couldn't run it. Worse part is that I'm driving my truck to work every day! That's what you call sick in the head. Hope you get better soon!

Doug said...

Eight days can feel like a lifetime when all you really want to do is be out on a bike. Hang in there.You'll be able to put this behind you soon and get back out there!