Saturday, February 10, 2007

Warm Temps and Michelle’s New Pugsley

Michelle got an early birthday present this year in the form of a 16” Surly Pugsley and today was its maiden voyage. Fitzy got the frame & parts in quick and his main man Tim did a great job on the build. I love to build up my bikes but work has been crazy and having Tim build it got us riding faster. Thanks Tim!

We decided to scope out a new trail called North Leigh Creek that isn’t groomed but can get some snowmobile traffic and has awesome views of the Tetons. We unloaded, got geared up, and started riding the snowmobile tracks up the mellow grade. It was cool to ride an un-groomed trail and try to figure out where the traction was best. We were doing great and cruising along until the snowmobile tracks left the trail, headed straight uphill, and we were out of luck. Snow bike pushing was not on the agenda today so we flipped a u-turn and headed back to the truck. The mission was a success though because this trail has great potential.

Kenai is especially stoked about Michelle’s new hotness because he now has two snow biking buddies instead of one. He just doubled his chances for a ride.

We loaded the bikes back up and headed south about 20 minutes to the end of Horseshoe Canyon where we found a freshly groomed trail to go with the sunshine. This week has seen some daytime temps in the low 40s so we weren’t sure what to expect. The day was warming up fast but the trail was still firm and rideable so we shed some layers and got after it.

I love the corduroy! Riding the snow bike on freshly groomed, firm cord is almost as good as skiing pow. The trail at the end of Horseshoe is becoming my favorite trail and can easily be jumping-off point for bigger rides. In addition to our short N Leigh ride we rode another 2 1/2 hours on the Horseshoe trail had a blast. I am pretty psyched to learn that 40 degree temps does not mean you can't ride. The trail was soft in spots but overall was in great shape. More snow is supposed to hit tonight through Monday so we will have to see what happens.
I just received a new map of the Fremont County snowmobile trail network and it consists of hundreds of miles of groomed trails as well. They get more snow and colder temps so I am anxious to check some of them out soon.


Doug said...

I can't think of a better birthday present. I'm soooo jealous of not only your snow, but all the snowmobile trail options you have. I'm still waiting for snow here in Minnesota. We're in the middle of 3 year summer/winter drought.

Simmons said...

You are a very lucky man! A wife and a dog that enjoy winter biking with you. Very cool!

Chris said...

Wow fun! I too am jealous of all your snow mobile trails.

Jill Homer said...

Matching Pugsleys! That is so romantic. Are you guys going to do some winter campouts?

Dave said...

Jill, for now we are planning some overnighters into yurts and/or cabins and once we get some better winter camping gear we will definitely do a true winter camping trip.