Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2007 Race Calendar (I think)

I haven't raced since the E100 back in late August and I am itchin' to race again. Racing gives me a focus and I enjoy the planning and execution of a long race. Many of my fellow Bloggers have had their race schedule layed out for months and for several of them their race season starts this Saturday up north or down south! Good luck to everyone who is gettin' their "go fast" on this weekend.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to add or remove events on a whim or for more legitimate reasons such as death & taxes

The Kokopelli Trail Race - nothing like kicking the season off with a race that scares the poop right out of me

No races in June - I am hoping to find some smaller local races to jump into

Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge, CO - with lots of climbing this one will hurt a bit

E50 in Park City, UT - being one week before Laramie the trick is to go fast but not too fast

Laramie Enduro in Laramie, WY - I really want to break 7:00:00 this year!

E100 in Park City, UT - Joy and pain wrapped up in one convenient package. The E100 was the highlight of my season last year and it was the first and only 100 miler I have done. I will have almost a month after Laramie to get ready for the BIG ONE.

LOTOJA - I have never done a road race so 206 miles of road racing in one day should get me up to speed in a hurry!

Soul Ride in Oracle, AZ - I really hope this event happens in 2007 after a one year hiatus. Warm temps, good mexican food, and cactus = good times.

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Chris said...

Lotsa racing in July! FC 50 is no joke. I did it on the SS last year and it worked me over coming off the E12 hour 2 weeks prior. I'm going back for revenge but I'm not sure it will be in 2007 yet.