Friday, February 9, 2007

Stealth Mission

I got out late yesterday for another training adventure with JayP over in the Big Holes. I say training adventure, and not training ride, because we didn’t actually ride the whole time. We got some wet, heavy snow yesterday morning along with some wind and it left a portion of the trail unrideable. So we pushed. Pushing a loaded down 50+ pound snow bike uphill in the snow qualifies as training in my book. We reasoned that it was very likely we would end up pushing some of the time during any of races held in Alaska so not only were we training, we were simulating race conditions. Sweet!

We planned the ride time so that we would get some night riding time in as well and ended up being out for four hours.

I love riding at night on the snow! My Lupine Wilma LED is almost too bright on the 12amp/1W setting. I can re-program the switch to only put out 10amps and a little less than 1W and the battery life jumps up to over 50 hours.

As always it was great to bounce gear ideas off of Jay and continue to tweak my clothing system. Jay is feeling prepared for the Iditarod Trail Invitational with his bike packing system and overall strategy.

On the training front, two Indoor Cycling Center sessions per week plus riding the FatBike have me feeling better than I ever have this early in the year. I actually hope it doesn’t snow too much this weekend so I can ride both days. I can’t believe I am hoping it doesn’t snow!

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