Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fatback is now the Phat Cruiser

Before leaving Victor, I ordered two pairs of Surly's Black Floyd tires from Fitzgerald's Bicycles because I didn't want our Fatbacks to sit and collect dust in Boise.  I had no idea they would be the bikes we ride most frequently here in Boise.

The Black Floyd tires have turned our fat bikes into super-fun urban assault vehicles.  We ride them to dinner on "date nights", to the Boise Farmer's Market, to Albertson's or the Co-Op for groceries, to the post office, and to yoga class.  The most surprising thing is how nice these bike are to ride in "cruiser" mode.  We run the tires at about 20 PSI and the bikes don't feel slow at all. Plus, they are very stable at slow speeds and/or with a heavy load.

I absolutely plan to seek out some snowy trails to ride near Boise this winter, but for the summer, the Fatback will remain in Phat Cruiser mode.  If you have a fat bike sitting in your garage, you should consider a pair of Black Floyds for summertime use and enjoy the fatness year-round.

The Surly Black Floyd tires transformed my Fatback into a Phat Cruiser

The Phat Cruiser has seen a lot of ride time over the last two months

The Light & Motion Commuter Light on a custom mount below the rack

The KUAT Bottle Lock makes it SO easy to lock up the Phat Cruiser

The Arkel Handlebar Shopper Bag is perfect for picking up Bombay Burritos from  Parilla Grill or grabbing  a six-pack at Albertson's

A Princeton Tec Byte clipped directly onto the front of the Arkel Bag 

For trips to the Boise Farmers Market or Albertsons, I use Arkel's The Shopper folding bag

I can get a LOT of groceries in the three bags 

The rear view with The Shopper bags unfolded


Grill Meister said...
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Grill Meister said...

Phat Floyds that is fricken cool. I love those tires. Must get some.

Adam Meyer said...

Very cool Dave. I thought your fat bikes would never get a front brake! Apparently urban assault has different demands than crushing snow. Hope you're well in Boise. @m