Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 Hours of Mesa Verde Quick Report

So now I have raced the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde four times; 3 times with gears, 1 time on the SS.  I believe it absolutely possible to go just as fast on the singlespeed on this just hurts more. Damn you Tuffy Rim!

Place:  7th, Solo Singlespeed Male
Laps:  7 (11:42 unofficial)
  • Hanging with many good friends and meeting new ones
  • Riding Laps 2 & 3 with my buddy Cat Morrison, Female Solo Singlespeed winner
  • The Rib Cage section. How friggin' good is that?
  • The weather. It was warm but then a thundershower blew in and cooled things off nicely.
A full report will happen soon.  Thanks to all the great folks who helped me in between laps today.  Mountain bikers are nice people...and I dig that.


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