Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bike-Centric Weekend

"Drive less, Ride more" has been our theme since arriving in Boise and I LOVE it.  Our central location in the North End allows us to ride our bikes to dinner, to yoga class, to run errands, and to ride sweet singletrack from our house.     

I LOVE Radishes! These came home with me.

We rode our bikes to the Boise Farmer's Market Saturday morning and I am now a big fan.  Local vendors had everything from fresh produce, to fresh herbs, locally raised bison & elk, organic honey, and the best fresh-roasted peanut butter I have ever had in my life.

Fresh everything at the Boise Farmer's Market

Next Saturday, I am going to show up hungry for The Creperie

After a big week on the bike, this past week of riding was pretty mellow and my rides over the weekend were two hours or less.  I took M on a tour of new-to-her trails including Red Cliffs (downhill), Fat Tire Traverse, and Freestone Ridge.  She loved it.  Next weekend I will show her Orchard, 5-Mile Gulch, and Watchman's!

Michelle's first ride on the Fat Tire Traverse...

...she liked it!

The weekend ended in perfect style with a quick trip to the grocery store Sunday late afternoon, by bike of course, followed by grillin' and chillin'.

Two of my favorite things; The Phat Cruiser and Alaskan Brewing Co. Black IPA

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Hope life is good in Boise. I'm riding road and about to start mountain now too. Hope you and Michelle are both excellent!