Thursday, May 13, 2010

Single and Sexy Baby!

After what might have been the most drawn-out bike build in the history of bike builds, I finally finished building up my new Niner One9 singlespeed. Quite a while back I sold my Salsa La Cruz to fund this project but our weather just wasn't inspiring me to get this thing built up. A recovery week provided the perfect bike building window.

I really like the way my Niner Air9 fits and rides so when I decided to build a singlespeed it was no-brainer to buy the One9 which has the exact same geometry. Plus, the scandium Niner hardtails are reasonably priced compared to the new carbon offerings so it didn't sting too bad.

The Build - 22lbs
Niner One9 Frame - Large, Raw finish
Fox F29 Fit RLC with Remote Lockout & 15mm Quick Release*
Stans 355 Rims laced to DT 240 Hubs
Thomson Masterpiece seatpost & Thomson stem
Edge Composites Mountain Sweep Flat Bar - 700mm
Ergon GR2 Carbon grips
King headset & bottom bracket
XTR M970 crankset with Blackspire 32T ring
Magura Marta SL Mag brakes with Jagwire housing for a little extra bling
Schwalbe Racing Ralphs with Snake Skin sidewalls

*I find it interesting that Fox only offers the F29 with a remote lockout on a fork with a 15mm axle given that a remote lockout is a "racer" feature. The 15mm axle adds weight to the fork and I personally haven't felt as if I needed it.

I am a singlespeed noob so I have no idea where I should have placed the EBB. I also not sure how tight the chain should be so I took a guess and pedaled around the driveway...the chain stayed on so that is a good start. :)


JenyJo said...


that is HAWT.

nice pony, db ;-)

niiiiicccee pppoonnnyyyyyy....



BrandonC said...

EBB placement is dependant on chain tension. There is no "right" place for it. EBBs have been known to rotate under extreme torque. If the bb location sits closest to the 5-6 o' clock position the less likely it is to rotate. That's my rational at least. No science to stand on. The chain's length determines the BB/EBBs location.

That bike looks sick Dave! I'm kinda surprised you didn't go white rims. Now for some ride reports.

Eric Kop-ski said...

You gonna run this SS in the Butte 100?

Vito said...

Beautiful looking ride. I love those Niner frames and the set-up you chose.
Also, looking forward to hearing how it rides. Enjoy!!!

Hamilton said...

We think a lot alike! Scary, really. I must say, it's much nicer to see all those parts assembled into a bike.

You can also set your ebb if you're swapping out rear cogs with some frequency such that you don't have to mess with links...but you obviously like to mess! 32x16? ;-)

Look out Horseshoe Canyon!!!

FixieDave said...

Clean! and hot

Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing the Niner Air 9 for awhile now. It would be my first introduction into the 29er world. What travel are you using on your front forks (ss and geared)?



Dave said...

Cory - I run 100mm Fox F29s on both my Air9 and my One9. I also run them with 25mm of sag to ensure that I get full travel. I like the geo with the 100mm fork.